New way to ask a question!

announcementWith over 1000 requests I found that having folks ask questions about the Hollywood Bowl using the WordPress comment mechanism was becoming too hard to maintain.  Also it was very difficult for visitors to find the answers to their questions that may have been previously asked.

I have added a forum to the site (see Ask a Question) and grouped the questions so that visitors have a better chance finding answers to their questions.   To ask a question just click on the category and create a new topic.  You can either register to ask your question or use CAPTCHA (typing in a scrambled word) to submit.

Here is to the next 1000 posts!

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Six person boxes

Lots of folks purchase 2 seats in a Hollywood Bowl 6-person box and ask how the seats are arranged.  Most want to eat at the table with their guest and then later watch the performance side-by-side.  It all depends on the others in your box.  Here are the official seat numbers.


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Hollywood Bowl Seat Cushions

Sitting on a famed Hollywood Bowl wooden bench for an entire performance may literally be a pain in the butt.  To help relieve this pain the Hollywood Bowl rents out seat cushions right inside for $1.  Get there early because they do often run out.


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Interesting Hollywood Bowl Seats #3

SectionV2OK maybe not so much an interesting seat as it is an interesting section.  V2 may be way up at the top of the Hollywood Bowl but it is a very intimate section.  Snuggled up in the upper right-hand corner is a gem that is comprised of just 32 seats.  As I looked at section V2 I couldn’t help think that a group could purchase the entire section (especially since these seats are pretty inexpensive) and have their own picnic area to watch the performance.  The escalator even empties out just right of the seats.


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Big screen upgrades

Looks like the Bowl folks have replaced the rear-projection big screens with LED “jumbotrons”.  Should make for a much better viewing experience.  Can’t wait to see them in action.


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Single tickets on sale Saturday, May 4th

For those who want to go to less than five shows this season single tickets go on sale Saturday, May 4th.  Online ordering is best however there is always a big crowd camping out at the Bowl Box Office.


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Interesting Hollywood Bowl Seats #2

Because of row configuration there are a handful of Super Seats at the Hollywood Bowl that do not have seats in front of them so you get extra legroom (much like some airplane exit rows).  These are the sections and seats.

  • Section J1 Row 5 Seats 2,4,28 and 30
  • Section G1 Row 5 Seats 1,3,27 and 29
  • Section H Row 5 101,102,113 and 114

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Ivy gone off light/sound towers

Over the winter the ivy that has been covering the light and sound towers has been removed and a fresh finish applied.  Why so important?  This will reduce the amount of obstruction that some seats have to endure.

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Easter service at the Hollywood Bowl

I must admit I have never been but it is on my bucket list.  Hosted by Bel Air Presbyterian Church and Christian Assembly Church.  More information here.

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Split Weekend Spectacular

It doesn’t happen too often but every once in a while the performances for a Friday and Saturday on the same weekend differ.  This season Tony Bennet headlines on Friday, August 2nd while Diana Ross fills the Saturday spot on August 3rd.  Both different but both great.  Wonder how the folks with with subscription feel about the split. I have the Saturday Series and am pretty pumped about seeing Ms. Ross in concert.  Love Hangover?

Tony Bennett, Friday, August 2nd at 8pm

Diana Ross, Saturday, August 3rd at 8pm


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