Hollywood Bowl revamps their site

Along with the 2018 Season being announced this morning the Hollywood Bowl has also revamped their site.  The new site is more dynamic and less cluttered.  The subscriber portal (My Account) has also been updated.  Looking forward to exploring the new layout.  Diggin’ the new fav icon too!

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Walk the Hollywood Bowl

Now is the perfect time to walk the Hollywood Bowl.  While there are many more lease events hosted at the Hollywood Bowl these days, they do not typically start until April.  The LA Phil manages the performances at the Hollywood Bowl however the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation owns and operates the venue which makes the Hollywood Bowl a park open to the public.  Being a public park the hours are sunrise to sunset however the theater portion of the Hollywood Bowl opens at 8AM (subject to rehearsal and event closure).  During the early morning hours you may see a few people exercising by running up and down the steps but don’t be surprised if you have the entire Hollywood Bowl to yourself.  Later in the morning and early afternoon you can expect to see sight seeing busses roll in to drop off tourist to your the SoCal icon.
Take the time to do things that can only be done when the Hollywood Bowl is near empty.  Walk up to the Pool section and check out the best seats in the house.  Visit the Hollywood Bowl waterfall. Walk up the stairs to the Rooftop Grill.  If you are so incline walk to the very top of the Hollywood Bowl and take in the amazing view of the Hollywood Hills.  Looking for a bit more structure?  Try the Hollywood Bowl’s Bowl Walk.  The new Bowl Walk exhibit features visual displays through the park, presenting information on the cultural events, history, and architecture of the Hollywood Bowl.
Which ever way you decide to walk the Hollywood Bowl enjoy!
Hint: You can get a great picture of the Hollywood Sign by walking up the steps past section M1.
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The Hollywood Bowl Mid-Gate

The Hollywood Bowl Mid-Gate got an upgrade! When the Hollywood Bowl installed metal detectors at the Main and West gates, entry in to the venue came to a crawl.  To help the situation the Hollywood Bowl created a Mid-Gate located just up the hill from the Main Gate. You could tell that the creation of the third entrance was done hastily as everything about it looked temporary.

In the off-season the Hollywood Bowl performed quite a bit of work and now the Mid-Gate looks permanent and beautiful.  Still not well known by many patrons this may be the entrance to use for swift entry to your show.

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Playboy Jazz Festival 2018 lineup announced

The LA Phil announced a partial list of the musical acts that will appear at the Playboy Jazz Festival on June 9th and 10th at the Hollywood Bowl.  

Charles Lloyd & the Marvels (Julian Lage, Greg Leisz, Reuben Rogers and Eric Harland) with singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams; Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin; Tower of Power; the Count Basie Orchestra led by Scotty Barnhart; Kneebody; and Daymé Arocena will help celebrate the 40th anniversary.  George Lopez will host the 2-day event for his 6th time. 

The Playboy Jazz Festival announcement is a sure sign of the new year and that summer is on the way.

The complete lineup (along with tickets sales) will be announced on February 21st. More info can be found at the Hollywood Bowl website.

Playboy Jazz Festival 2017 at the Hollywood Bowl


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Hollywood Bowl Summer Series 2018 renewals + concerts announced

It pays to subscribe to a Hollywood Bowl Summer Series.  Starting on November 12th subscribers from last season have the ability to renew.  Along with the renewal comes the perk of purchasing tickets for a few of the special concerts offered next season.  This is a great way to get the best seats for these shows. Tickets to these shows are now available.

July 4th Fireworks Spectacular  (The Go-Gos’s) – July 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Openning Night – June 16th

Smooth Summer Jazz – August 19th

Movie Night – September 2nd

Sing-a-Long Sound of Music – September 22nd


go-go's at the hollywood bowl july 4th spectacular 2018

The Go-Go’s



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Mulholland Overlook Park to close during concerts

Due to the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting (58 people dead and 546 injured), the Hollywood Bowl’s new security plan now includes closing the Mulholland Overlook Park during concerts.  Along with instituting a 900-foot exclusion zone around the Bowl, LAPD officers and city park rangers will be deployed on security patrols during events. This is part of the Hollywood Bowl’s on-going security measures to keep visitors safe. 

Mulholland Overlook Park

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Hollywood Bowl price increase for 2018

Hollywood Bowl 2018 ticket price increase

The 2017 Hollywood Bowl season has come to an end which means it is time for the LA Phil to a announce ticket and parking price increase. Tickets for the 2018 summer season will increase between $1 and $10 depending on the section, series and day of the show.  The highest per ticket increase will affect the Pool and Garden sections for Friday and Saturday performances. The 380 bench seats offered during the week will remain at $1

General parking will increase by $4 and valet parking by $5

As with the 2017 price increase the LA Phil said it was requesting the increases to “accommodate increased production, labor, marketing and artists costs”.

The official filing with all the details can be found on the LA County.







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Hollywood Bowl Metal Detectors

Reaction to the Manchester bombing include metal detectors installed at the Hollywood Bowl gates.  Not exactly sure what they are looking for on my person but after handing over my phone I walked through unscathed.

The new entry procedure will definitely slow things down however to combat this the Hollywood Bowl has added an additional gate in which to enter the theater.  The Mid Gate is located just up the hill from the Main Gate,

The LA Phil has said nothing has changed as to what you can and can not bring into the theater and to show up 30 minutes earlier than normal to make up for the extra security. I also noticed what I assume are bomb sniffing dogs at various positions.  

Seems like the extra security is worth the piece of mind.  The Hollywood Bowl House Rules have been updated to reflect the new security procedures.

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Playboy Jazz Festival – let the summer begin

This Saturday, June 10th, the Hollywood Bowl season unofficially begins as the LA Phil presents the 39th Playboy Jazz Festival.  Just four years ago the Playboy Jazz Festival was produced by Playboy Enterprises and had the distinction of being the only lease event to be treated as an LA Phil produced event where concert goers could bring in their own alcohol.  Since then the PJF has been organized by the Los Angeles Phil and the exception no longer is needed.

There have been a slew of lease events this spring including just last night’s Lady Antebellum.  For lease events the Pool Circle boxes are replaced with folding chairs. This morning the Hollywood Bowl crew already have the boxes back in place.  The 2-day Playboy Jazz festival is a favorite of mine and a great way to spend the weekend.  Get there early and enjoy the music.

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Hollywood Bowl Plaza construction update

Looks like the Hollywood Bowl Box Office Plaza construction is getting close to completion.  You would guess it would have to be with the first lease event of the season (Korean Times Music Festival)  happening the day before and Opening Night at the Bowl just six weeks away.

Of course the Hollywood Bowl Plaza design is beautiful. The Bowl Store, Market Place and Box Office all look like they could open any week now.  Walking up to the Hollywood Bowl theater near the Wine Bar off to the right are the beginnings of new structures that will be the hosting various food carts.  Looking forward to seeing which food vendors call these new permanent structures home.

Here are some photos. Enjoy!

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